Vertical target lift system PMY - 7

PMY-7 is an mobile, radio controlled device for lifting target shields.

It is designed to operate out in a field.

Operation is done via radio based controller, a software on PC.

Optional features include detection of a bullet hit and retransmission of coordinates over WiFi on any portable device.

Built-in features

  • Shot impact detection system

  • Return fire simulation

  • Works during the heat up to +50c

  • Works during the cold down to -40c

  • Works during the rain

  • Power from battery

  • Optional Features

    • Coordinates of a bullet hit


Pricing varies depending on quantity, features and 3rd party suppliers of various components.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via phone or email for an enquiry about this model.

View production cycle

For orders of any size.

After hardware/software design modifications are viewed and approved by the client:

- Placing orders for metal works, electronical equipment are done on a same day.

- Metal works are done localy and take roughly 10-14 days.

- Shipment of electronical equipment from abroad is from 4 to 5 weeks.

- Assembly of components into a final device is from 2 days to a week for large orders.

- Field testing and packaging for delivery to a client is 2 to 3 days.

Technical details


Lenght: 45cm

Height: 30cm

Width: 35cm

Weight: 25kg Characteristics

Radio based control system

Field operation readiness.

Battery charger from 220v: built-in

Features can be modified upon request

Packaging of one device

Sizes: 55cm x 4cm х 45 cm

Total weight: 32kg

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